Tug Hill Plateau

History of the Tug Hill Plateau

The Tug Hill Plateau is a located about 60 miles southeast of the geographic center of the 1000 Islands Region, due east of Lake Ontario and just west of the Adirondack Park. The Tug Hill Plateau is among the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains. It is a part of the higher elevation inland area that looks down upon the St. Lawrence Valley, through which runs the St. Lawrence River, wherein lay the over 1800 islands that comprise the 1000 Islands Region.

The Tug Hill Region is noted for its extremely deep snow levels in winter, situated in the center of the lake effect snow belt that flows from across Lake Ontario. This region receives the heaviest snowfall in the eastern United States. It is not at all unusual for the Tug Hill Plateau to receive in excess of 4 feet of snow in a single overnight snowstorm. You can also find patches of snow still on the ground on the heavily forested plateau well into June or later. In the winter months the Tug Hill Region is a popular center for snowmobiling and cross country skiing. In summer you will find other attractions and recreational opportunities.

If you have some extra time to spend on your way to or from your 1000 Islands vacation, you won’t go wrong exploring the Tug Hill Plateau.